All you need to know about nfs no limits

All you need to know about nfs no limits

In this post you will find some Need for Speed ​​No Limits tips to get faster levels and reputation Also a few tips for making money and how to unlock more cars. The name Need for Speed ​​is certainly known to every player. A few days ago the new Need for Speed ​​No Limits for Android and iOS was released.

It is a racing game with a number of challenges and cars. In addition, you have the option to upgrade the unlocked and purchased cars and make them faster. But this article is not meant to be a review of the game. We have summarized a few basic tips and tricks for Need for Speed ​​No Limits here. At the beginning we are concerned with the question of how to get a reputation as quickly as possible and thereby level.

Where you can quickly make money or cash in the app and what you have to do to unlock other cars.

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Need for Speed No Limits Beginners Guide

Need for speed no limits tips and tricks

Below is a brief overview of our guide with tips for beginners.

Need for Speed ​​No Limits: Earn reputation and level faster

In the game there is a kind of level system and the experience points in this case are the call points or just the call. You get more reputation by completing races and in missions. It should be noted, however, that in a mission or race you will only get a little reputation the first time.

If you have collected enough reputation points, you level up and in turn unlock other missions, loading ramps where you can not only earn reputation but also money in Need for Speed ​​No Limits.

When leveling, you should simply play as much as possible at the beginning. Because this will give you many reputation points and you can improve the scarce cash at the beginning. Even if races are only called once, it can make sense to repeat a race under certain circumstances. Then there are no more call points, but you get money. Especially if you are just about to level up but still have fuel, you should simply repeat lucrative missions.

When you level up, the fuel is completely refilled and therefore you do not waste valuable energy and can only use it to make money.

Another very good way to be able to quickly gain reputation and level up is the daily tasks in Need for Speed ​​No Limits.

Depending on the task, for example, you must have used Nitro for a total of 60 seconds and will receive the valuable gold in addition to call points.

Need for Speed ​​No Limits: Earn money and fuel (energy)

There are different ways to make money in Need for Speed ​​No Limits. The best are the so-called nitro races at the beginning. You can not only repeat these but the races are also well suited to make money quickly. Depending on skills and races, there are usually over 100 money per race. Since participating in such nitro races naturally also costs energy in the form of fuel, you should make the nitro races for money whenever you are just about to level up and still have more than enough fuel in your tank.

Then of course there is the question: How can you get more fuel quickly in Need for Speed ​​No Limits? The fuel refills on its own or can be bought with the help of gold. Furthermore, as described above, you can get the fuel refilled by leveling up.

Need for Speed ​​No Limits: unlock cars and upgrades

While you are initially traveling with a rather poor small car, you can of course unlock more vehicles over time. There are numerous cars in Need for Speed ​​No Limits and these can also be upgraded. To unlock more cars you have to collect the so-called blueprints and the corresponding material. You get the blueprints as a reward after a mission or at the loading ramp. Which you can unlock by collecting reputation.

In addition to the blueprints for unlocking the car, there is also material with which you can upgrade and improve certain things such as the suspension or the engine.

Here are some general Need for Speed ​​No Limits tips for beginners to win races. And earn as much reputation and cash or money as possible.

  • When starting, you should pay attention to the speed. Make sure that the needle is in the green area. Then you make a perfect start and that’s half the battle for victory in a racing game like Need for Speed ​​No Limits.
  • Use Nitro correctly. You should use the nitro especially on straight routes. Some swear to always use the nitro in small batches. We recommend using everything on a straight track in order to extend the lead over the opponents.
  • Slipstream: As in other NFS games, there is the possibility to drive in the slipstream and even drift. This not only gives you a higher speed and better turns, but also gives you a reward when it comes to coins.
  • Dodge obstacles and jump over ramps. The fewer obstacles you ram in a race, the more money or cash you get as a reward. In addition, you can collect some cash if you just pass by opponents or use the ramps.

Need for Speed ​​No Limits Cheats: Are there hacks?

As with many other game apps, the question of Need for Speed ​​No Limits cheats or even hacks for Android or iOS always arises. As with many free apps, there are no cheats and certainly no hacks with which you can cheat endlessly money, fuel or gold. Although there are some dubious websites that advertise exactly that, we can only warn you. Not only that you risk your account when using such hacks, if there is a working cheat at all, but also because they are often populated with malware.

Just play hard and race regularly, it will make some money and reputation, so you can finally buy a new car in Need for Speed ​​No Limits.

If you are just hearing about the free Need for Speed ​​No Limits app for Android and iOS for the first time, we can only recommend a download of the game. The trailer from the official Need for Speed ​​YouTube channel gives a little foretaste.

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