Need for Speed ​​Heat: tips you need to know

Need for Speed ​​Heat tips you need to know

Need for Speed ​​Heat sends you into a Miami-inspired game world, in which you also deliver exciting races overland. In contrast to Need for Speed ​​Payback , the changes are not that big. But we want to give you some useful tips that would have helped us before the game started.

A new feature in NFS Heat is the heat system, in which you play for REP at night and can lose everything if you get caught by the police.

Fortunately, the tuning system with speed cards from the predecessor is a thing of the past and you can tune any car as you like and tune it for different events. We give you some useful tips on this and many other aspects below .

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Keep pressing the gas after night events!

The new heat system is exciting, but also involves a lot of risk. If you take part in racing events at night and get caught regularly by the police. Your heat level rises to a maximum of level 5. Each additional level gives you an additional multiplier that increases your REP earned. For example, if you have 3000 REP in your account, it will become 15000 REP at heat level. However, these only belong to you if you go to the garage or one of the hiding places (house symbols on the map) without being followed by the police.

If you get caught beforehand, a large part of the earned REP is gone and you have to be satisfied with a fraction.

In order to escape the police, you should continue to go full throttle even after the end of a racing event. Police cars are often placed just before the finish line. Therefore, continue driving at full throttle immediately after crossing the finish line! So you can often escape before the police really target you.

This is how you escape the cops

The police are really stubborn in the racing game and depending on the heat level they will chase you more and more vehicles and even thick Rhino emergency vehicles that will try to ram you head on. Even police helicopters are used.

It will be difficult for you to escape at pure speed, because the police also chase you with fast Corvettes that easily keep up with you.

You should rather cause slalom through the traffic. Especially to curve through the streets in cities to interrupt the visual contact.

Ideally you drive into a dark alley during a police chase and then turn off the engine (L1 + Quad on PS4 or LB + X on Xbox One). This way you can shake off the bulls more often.

Don’t be too greedy!

The heat system is very attractive because you can quickly multiply your REP thanks to the multipliers. However, you should never be too greedy. Especially at the beginning you have no powerful cars and it is more difficult to escape from the cops.

We recommend that you visit a hiding place from heat level 3 at the latest . In the end game you can risk more with better cars. Tip: There are special racing events that are only available from heat level 3. Among other things, they reward you with special tuning parts! Lock it and then quickly return to a hiding place. If you are caught by the police with the hot goods beforehand, they will otherwise be lost.

This is how the tuning works

Speed ​​cards and car dealers for individual racing categories no longer exist in NFS Heat. You can now improve each car by corresponding performance tuning in the categories race, road, drift and off-road. Fortunately, the purchase of the same car in different categories falls flat.

Nevertheless, of course, the individual vehicles have basic values ​​that make them more suitable for certain categories . A Ferrari, for example, is not exactly a born drift car and should therefore be tuned in its strengths as a racing car.

A practical display when tuning also gives you by moving a point to what extent the car shifts into individual categories when you perform certain upgrades. By the way, in our tuning guide you get even more information!

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