Need for Speed No Limits Beginners Guide

Need for Speed No Limits Beginners Guide

The free game app Need for Speed ​​- No Limits has been downloaded over ten million times. You immerse yourself in underground car culture, race against other drivers and build a dream car according to your own ideas. In this Need for Speed No Limits beginner’s guide we would like to introduce you to some tips and tricks for earning money and reputation points, as well as blueprints and materials for the cars.

The cars in NfS No Limits accelerate on their own. By swiping left or right, you only specify the direction of travel. As soon as the blue display at the top of the screen is a little full, you can activate the Nitro by swiping your finger up. Shortly before curves and branches, you should swipe down in the middle so that you start the drift mode – so you take the curves much faster.

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Need for speed no limits tips and tricks

Need for Speed ​​- No Limits: Tips and Tricks

Now that you know the basics of control, we would like to give you some tips and tricks for your young career as a driver. Since the app is offered free of charge, the developers want to lure you with in-app purchases. If you stick to the Need for Speed ​​No Limits beginner tips, you do not have to reach for your wallet.

On the city ​​map you have access to all menu items. Here you will find the loading ramp that you should visit as often as possible. Here you will receive a free delivery of spare parts, blueprints and other useful items every ten minutes – you can pick up five boxes a day. Every three days, there are premium boxes that deliver particularly rare items to you.

Earn more money – that’s the fastest way

With money , you can buy new parts for your car in Need for Speed: No Limits or invest the profits you have made in a new car. Here are some tips on how to make money quickly:

  • Repeat races with nitro zones : you can play each level multiple times. The races with nitro zones are particularly worthwhile at the beginning. If you all get caught and close the event, you will get between $ 1,000 and $ 1,500 per race – that’s a lot of money to start with!
  • Complete these races shortly before a level-up : after each event, some of your fuel is used up. If you repeat a few races, you should be about to level up. So you get additional money as a reward.
  • Drift in all corners : By drifting you not only drive faster through the corners, but also get additional money every time. Shortly before the curve, you should always slide your finger down on the screen.
  • Take advantage of the slipstream : With a powerful car, you should repeat simple races and always stay behind the vehicles of your opponents. For example, if you accumulate a ten-second slipstream, you will receive $ 1,000 at the end of the event.

Collect reputation points for level up

For a Level in NfS No Limits is reputation needed. With the following tips, you can quickly collect reputation points:

  • Attention : If you repeat an event that has already been completed, you will receive money, but no additional reputation.
  • Complete daily tasks : In the menu you can see an overview of all daily tasks. Here you have to drift a certain distance, win a predetermined number of races or tinker certain parts on your car. Completing these challenges will earn you additional reputation points.
  • Completed races : You will receive reputation points for each completed race – provided you complete it for the first time. The best way to do this is to make money. Shortly before you level up, you repeat an event so that the energy fills up completely. Now you can complete another race and earn a new reputation.

Preserved blueprints and materials

To get new cars in Need for Speed: No Limits , you have to collect blueprints . The following applies: the faster and rarer a vehicle is, the more blueprints are required to unlock it. You also need the items to improve a car – so you can reach higher levels. How to get the valuable blueprints:

  • In the boxes from the loading ramp .
  • Complete events in the Car Series .
  • As a reward for missions on the city map.

If you want to improve the performance of your car, you need materials . This will improve other parts such as the gearbox, the engine or the tires of your vehicles. Tap on the material you need to see where or how you can unlock it.

Cheats for NfS No Limits

The racing game NfS No Limits is offered free of charge in the app store. The developers therefore hope for numerous earnings from in-app purchases that make cheats almost impossible – so there are no official codes. As the races and your opponents become more difficult, you are almost forced to spend real money at some point. So stick to our tips and tricks for a successful start, so that you can save your wallet for other game highlights.

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