Need for speed no limits tips and tricks

Need for speed no limits tips and tricks

Need for Speed No Limits is the new game app from EA , which you can download for free from iTunes and the Google Play Store . The Free2Play variant does not make all players happy – waiting or paying is often the consequence of this concept. This is precisely why it makes sense to learn a few tricks so that you can get through as quickly as possible.

Need for Speed ​​No Limits Teaser Trailer

The game even comes across graphically very convincingly on a small cell phone display. Only the sometimes quite long loading times are exhausting.

Need for Speed ​​No Limits: Short beginner’s guide

The beginning of the game is perfect for beginners and relatively boring for everyone else. You don’t have to accelerate and there are no brakes either. Here are the control options for everyone:

Map of need for speed

On the overview map you can see which stations are available and which you have already activated.
Steering : Tapped to steer left and right on the screen to the car in either direction.
Nitro : Gives you high speed for a short time, can be activated when the bar lights up in light blue. To activate, swipe down in the middle.
Drift : Helps you save time when cornering. You activate the drift mode by swiping down in the middle.
Reputation : You need to be able to level up. After you have successfully completed a mission, you will level up, get rewards and other game options will be unlocked.

Level up at need for speed gives a call

Call is urgently needed so that you can move forward.
On the city map you can see which stations have already been activated for you. You should not neglect the loading ramps, because here you will find boxes with spare parts or extensions for your car. You can pick up five of these boxes a day. Every three days there is also a premium box that you can pick up there, where you can find special blueprints and other exciting things.

To get the best start, the speedometer needle must be in the green area at the bottom left.

Need for Speed ​​No Limits: This is how you get money

Having enough Need for Speed ​​currency is very important because you need it to open boxes and install or convert parts. You have these possibilities to increase your play money.

Some levels have nitro zones. If you repeat these levels several times, you can collect some money if you also hit the nitro zones. But you can collect more than 1000 game dollars per race. However: you use up your tank of fuel, so it is best to use this procedure if you only need another race to level up.

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Need for speed no limits hack

As described above, there is the drift mode for curves. If you use it, you not only get through the curve faster, but also get money for it afterwards. So: activate drifting as often as possible.
Driving in the slipstream of strong opponents is also rewarded monetarily. Therefore: Do not always overtake immediately, but calmly try to enrich yourself with the slipstream.

Need for Speed ​​No Limits: Vehicles – Material and Blueprints

For the construction of new vehicles you need blueprints, the rarer a vehicle is, the more blueprints are needed for it. You also need the blueprints to upgrade the vehicle. You get the blueprints if you successfully complete missions and you can also find them on the loading ramp in the boxes.

Tuning is very important in this game, if you enjoy it, you can really live it out at Need for Speed ​​No Limits, the others may be a bit annoyed by it. The tuning materials, such as tires, brakes, gears etc. You also get the material as a reward for missions, but luck often counts to get the right part. To find out where you can find a certain part, you just have to tap on the corresponding material and then get displayed on which missions you can find it.

Cheats for Need for Speed ​​No Limits

Of course, players are interested in whether there are certain inputs that give you more money or more reputation. In principle, such a thing is not intended for developers of Free2Play games, because here in-app purchases are to be used to make money. That means you can buy a whole range of advantages for real money.

Hacks are also offered on the Internet, but we expressly advise against downloading them. Most criminals exploit the desire for cheats to download viruses or Trojans to your computer via the APK file .

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