nfs no limits review android & Ios

nfs no limits review android & Ios

Finally a new “Need for Speed” for Android is available. In the free racing game “Need for Speed ​​No Limits” you race through chaotic races with your dream car. In this we are going to write about nfs no limits review for android & ios.

“Need for Speed” is one of the most famous racing game series in the world. Now “Need for Speed ​​No Limits” is finally a new spin-off for Android. In the Free 2 Play Racer by Real Racing 3 compete on 38 race tracks and ten game modes with 30 licensed vehicles.

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Need for Speed ​​No Limits: Free racing game for Android

In short: “Need for Speed ​​No Limits” does what it says on the tin. Above all graphically, the developers have achieved impressive results; there has probably never been a racing game with a look of this quality. The makers don’t just try to blind. The obvious arcade racer is also extremely fun to play with.

The driving physics are primarily designed for fun. By tapping on the right or left side of the screen you steer, a brake was not even integrated. Thanks to the rather simple courses, this is not a problem at all, it does not detract from the fun.

Need for Speed ​​No Limits: Exaggerated in-app purchases

Unfortunately, publisher EA – as is unfortunately now the case – relies on an offensive free-to-play model with numerous in-app purchases. Although this has the advantage that you can watch the game for free at first.

In the long run you will hardly have any fun without financial investment. Because: every vehicle needs petrol – which becomes scarce over time and needs to be refilled And that with in-app purchases with a value of up to 100 dollars.

Even more annoying: the game can only be played with an active internet connection. This does not pose any problems for you at home in WLAN. If you are struggling on railway lines with a poor network connection or low data volume. You will have to do without the great racing game.

Conclusion: – “Need for Speed ​​No Limits” is a lot of fun and could finally tie you up to a smartphone game for a long time. Unfortunately, the in-app purchases are placed very aggressively here, without real money you have to take forced breaks again and again. You should download the latest “Need for Speed” title for free.

Note: This application requires Android OS 4.0.3 or higher. The download button takes you to the Google Play Store , where you can install the software.

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